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What is trauma?

Trauma. It is a serious word. But what is it? War, yes. Physical abuse. Yes. Verbal abuse? Yes! Emotional abuse? Yes! Neglect? Again, yes. Each of these things alone are not abuse. It is how the brain and body interprets each event. It also the repetition of each event. Many times it starts in childhood. This is when we are the most vulnerable. We do not have the knowledge to know if the things happening to us or good or bad. Right or wrong. As a result, we come to believe these things are a normal part of growing up, everyone goes through it. As we start to make friends and make a community for ourselves, it is then that we start to learn that some of those experiences are not normal, not good and have actually harmed us. 

Traumas are unique to each person. The experiences and how they are perceived and processed is different for each person. Siblings who have lived through the same environment and experiences can have different reactions about those events. No matter what the reaction or feeling, is it true for that person. Trauma is complicated. Trauma takes time to recognize, process and heal. Give yourself and others the time. 



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