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    Sherri Siegel MA, BCMMHC, CPLC: A Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach and Certified Professional Life Coach with a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling


    In the journey toward mental well-being, having the right support and guidance can make all the difference. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Sherri Siegel, a compassionate and experienced mental health professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the field. With her extensive background as a board-certified mental health coach and a degree in professional counseling, Sherri is dedicated to empowering individuals and helping them navigate the challenges they face.


    A Passion for Mental Health:


    Sherri's passion for mental health and wellness shines through in her work. With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding mental health issues, Sherri is committed to providing support and resources that promote growth, healing, and resilience. She believes in a holistic approach, addressing the mind, body, and spirit to foster lasting positive change.


    Board-Certified Mental Health Coach:


    As a board-certified mental health coach, Sherri brings a unique set of skills to her practice. This certification ensures that she has undergone rigorous training and met the highest standards in the industry. With her specialized knowledge, She is equipped to guide individuals in setting and achieving their goals, managing stress, improving self-esteem, and enhancing overall well-being. She tailors her coaching approach to meet each client's specific needs, empowering them to overcome obstacles and create a life that aligns with their values and aspirations.


    Degree in Professional Counseling:


    Sherri Siegel's academic background includes a degree in professional counseling, further enriching her ability to support individuals facing mental health challenges. This comprehensive education equips her with a solid foundation in theories, therapeutic techniques, and ethical practices. With her counseling expertise, Sherri is skilled in providing empathetic listening, personalized guidance, and evidence-based interventions to help clients navigate their emotional landscapes and find effective solutions.


    Client-Centered Approach:


    Sherri's approach is grounded in building a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space, she fosters trust and encourages open communication. Sherri believes in the importance of active listening and validation, allowing individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of judgment. Through her guidance, clients gain insight, develop coping strategies, and discover their own strengths and resilience.


    In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health, having a compassionate and knowledgeable professional like Sherri Siegel can be a game-changer. With her expertise as a board-certified Master Mental Health Coach and a degree in Professional Counseling, Sherri is poised to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking support. Her dedication, passion, and client-centered approach make her an invaluable resource in promoting mental well-being and helping individuals thrive.


    If you're looking for guidance on your mental health journey, consider reaching out to Sherri and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.


    Sherri Siegel is a Master Mental Health Coach, not a Licensed Professional Counselor (Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor NC 2015-2017 (SIEG-GKID8U, no discipline Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate NC 2011-2015 (A9076, no discipline) 


    Please note that Sherri Siegel is a highly skilled and experienced mental health coach; however, she is not licensed as a professional counselor. While Sherri's expertise and qualifications make her a valuable resource in supporting individuals on their mental health journeys, it's important to understand the distinction between a mental health coach and a licensed professional counselor.


    As a mental health coach, Sherri provides guidance, support, and strategies to help individuals improve their overall well-being. She brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and personalized coaching techniques to empower clients and assist them in achieving their mental health goals. Sherri's services are focused on personal development, building resilience, and fostering positive change.


    It's important to recognize that while Sherri can offer valuable insights and assist individuals in enhancing their mental well-being, her services do not replace the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of a licensed professional counselor. If you require specific therapeutic interventions, clinical assessments, or formal counseling, it is recommended to consult a licensed professional counselor or another qualified mental health provider who can address your unique needs.


    Please make an informed decision when seeking mental health support and consider the appropriate professionals based on your individual circumstances and requirements. Always consult with a licensed professional counselor or other qualified mental health providers for clinical or therapeutic services.


    By engaging with Sherri Siegel's mental health coaching services, you acknowledge that her services are not intended to substitute licensed professional counseling or therapeutic treatment, and you assume full responsibility for your mental health decisions and well-being.


    Remember, taking care of your mental health is essential, and finding the right support is crucial.

  • Specializations




    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting children and adults. ADHD is characterized by persistent patterns of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity, which can have adverse effects on a person's social, academic, and occupational functioning. Symptoms of inattention can include difficulty concentrating, organizing tasks or work, forgetfulness, and avoidance of tasks that require sustained mental effort. Hyperactivity-impulsivity symptoms can include fidgeting, constant motion, restlessness, interrupting others, and difficulty waiting for one's turn. ADHD may also include other symptoms, such as difficulty regulating emotions or forming social relationships. The severity and combination of symptoms can vary widely across individuals with ADHD.



    Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects an individual's ability to communicate, interact socially, and engage in repetitive behaviors or routines. Symptoms of autism typically appear in early childhood and can range from mild to severe, with some individuals experiencing significant challenges with speech, sensory processing, and daily living skills. People with autism also often exhibit a heightened interest or focus on specific topics or objects. While the causes of autism are not fully understood, research has suggested that it may be related to differences in brain development and genetics. There is no known cure for autism, but early diagnosis and intervention can lead to significant improvements in an individual's quality of life.

  • Trauma (PTSD and CPTSD)

    Certified Trauma Informed and Trauma Focused Services

  • Trauma-Informed Mental Health Coaching

    Being trauma-informed refers to an approach that acknowledges and understands the widespread impact of trauma on individuals, communities, and society. It involves recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma, understanding how it can affect people's lives and well-being, and responding in a supportive and empathetic manner. A trauma-informed approach seeks to create safe environments, promote healing, and avoid retraumatization by integrating this understanding into policies, practices, and interactions. It emphasizes the importance of empowerment, trust, collaboration, and respect for individuals who have experienced trauma.

    Trauma Focused Mental Health Coaching

    "Trauma-focused" refers to a specific approach or type of coaching designed to address and treat the effects of trauma. The focus is on addressing the unique needs and challenges associated with trauma and its aftermath.

  • Credentials


    M.A. (Master of Arts) in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, Lynchburg Va.


    B.A. in Psychology (Major), Family and Child Development (Minor) from East Carolina University University, Greenville NC


    Board Certified Master Mental Coach (BCMMHC), International Board of Christian Care (IBCC), a segment of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)


    Certified Professional Life Coach


    Advanced Certifications: Complex Trauma


    Certified Autism Specialist


    Certified Trauma-informed and focused recovery specialist for PTSD and CPTSD


    Stepping Stones and Standard Triple P Parenting Programs


    Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor NC 2015-2017 (SIEG-GKID8U, no discipline)


    Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate NC 2011-2015 (A9076, no discipline)

    I have been involved in the field of mental health for over 35 years. Beginning with lay counseling providing pre-marital couples with therapy prior to their wedding, I then began working with agencies providing therapeutic interventions and support for individuals with diagnoses ranging from depression to dually diagnosed. I also have training and experience in premarital therapy, marriage therapy and biblical counseling.


    My journey began working with families in the home setting. I then added treatment for veterans with PTSD. After opening my private practice, I narrowed my focus to CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder), Autism and ADHD.


    I have worked in community healthcare settings as well as schools and private practice. I am passionate about helping people discover the issues that are making life difficult for them to navigate and then making a plan together to learn how to live life, not just survive it.

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